StylistEye will give you the opportunity to have unprecedented access to your favourite fashion bloggers, stylists and fashionistas. Let them helps you to organise and update your wardrobe.


How do I place my order for a stylist’s service?

Go to the web application www.stylisteye.com and Sign in. Click on „New Order“ and chose a stylist, based on stylist‘s origin, language, favorite style, brand, etc. Double- click on the selected stylist, then „Select Service“ and click on „Add to Order“. After that you can procced with the payment. Please note that for your very first order you can select only „Wardrobe Organization“ service.

The item “Extra photos” has been added to my order. Why?

“Wardrobe Organisation” consists of evaluation of 100 pieces of your closet. “Extra photos” is added for every 50 items above that limit.

Why can’t I place my first order?

Before placing your first order, go to stylisteye.com, log in and fill in the Questionnaire (upper right hand corner on the main page). Then download the mobile application from App Store and take snapshots of your wardrobe. Then go to Questionnaire and take couple of photos of your typical outfits.

What happens if my order is declined?

The hold of your payment is immediately canceled and you can choose another stylist to place your order. Please note that your bank can take several days to cancel the hold, depending on the conditions of your bank. This is something we can unfortunately do nothing about.


Is my payment information secure?

StylistEye processes payments with Stripe, a secure PCI Level One compliant service provider. StylistEye never touches your payment information or holds any sensitive information. Once your order has been placed, Stripe requests authorization from your bank. Your account will not be charged until your order was confirmed by the stylist.

How does the payment work?

Your payment information is collected when you submit an order. The payment is hold until the stylist confirms your order (maximum 48 hours/stylists have up to 48 hours to confirm your order). Only then your payment method will be charged for the entire amount.

Where do I find my receipts?

Go to Orders and select any order from the list. Then click on Receipt.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard. We do not currently accept American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Paypal, Amazon Payments, Bitcoin, hugs, or any other payment providers not listed here.


How do I create my client profile?

First you need to Sign Up – chose your username & password, then fill in the „Questionnaire“. Download the mobile application from Apple Store and sign in using your credentials that you created in the previous step. In your mobile application, go to the section „Warderobe“ and take snapshots of your clothes, divided into categories. Then go to the section „Questionnaire“ and take a photo of your typical outfits in each category. Now everything’s ready for your first order.

How do I reset my password?

If you've forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in to your StylistEye account, go to Login on stylisteye.com and select Client or Stylist login. Click on Reset Password here, enter the email address you use for StylistEye, and you'll be emailed a link to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Log in and go to Settings on stylisteye.com. Select Change Password on the right and follow the instructions on screen.


What do I get when I purchase “Wardrobe Organization” service?

You get evaluation (rating 1 to 4 stars) and comments of every piece of your closet to let you know what to wear and what you should get rid off. You receive as well personal recommendations for your morphology, wardrobe and style via chat available within the application. Stylist will then put together 6 outfits from your existing garms for every outfit category of your choice (work look, casual/free time look, evening look). You can share with your stylist photos of your outfits for a final evaluation.

What do I get when I purchase “Wardrobe Update” service?

The stylist puts together a brand new outfit for you, based on your choice of style, outfit category, budget etc. Outfits can be composed of pieces you already own or the stylist can carefully choose pieces available for online purchase, you can choose combination of your own and new pieces as well.

Why do I have to firstly purchase “Wardrobe Organization” service?

You firstly need to get your closet organized – stylist evaluates your current wardrobe and gives you recommendations for your future purchases. Only then you can buy “Wardrobe Update” service and get new outfits.

Can I purchase services from different stylists at the same time?

Yes. If you have several orders from different stylist, go to stylisteye.com and select My Wardrobe, Outfits or Advice. There is a box called Stylist on the left side of each screen where you can switch between your stylists. In the mobile application: go to Outfits, then click on Selection in the upper right hand corner and select Stylist to switch between your stylists.

How can I communicate with the stylist ?

If your order is accepted and/or in process, you can communication with your stylist within both desktop and mobile application.

Why can’t I send a message to my stylist?

The order is probably already Closed. You can communicate with your stylist only when your oder is in process.

Where do I find messages from my stylist?

In the mobile application, click on the letter icon in upper right hand corner. In the desktop application, go to the main page and in lower left hand corner you can find new messages from the last 30 days. For entire conversations, click on any order from the list of orders.

How do I know if a stylist is available?

You need to check stylist’s status: available stylists are marked green, unavailable stylists are marked red and stylists available only for current clients are marked yellow.


Why can’t I take photos?

You need to let StylistEye application access your camera. Go to Settings of your iPhone, select Privacy, then Camera. Under StylistEye, switch the button to green.

Why do I need to take photos in the Questionnaire?

These photos help your stylist to know better your style. One or two photos for each category is sufficient.

How do I take photos of my clothes ?

The best background is a wall of white or any light color. Avoid windows in the background. You can ask your family or friend or you can simply take a photo in a mirror or help yourself with a selfie stick. To get a better idea about how your pictures should look like, go to stylisteye.com and select How to take photos.